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            Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd.

            Beibu Gulf Integrated Factor Trading Platform

            Group Profle
            Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd. was approved by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang AutonomousRegion in 2009.The Group was authorized by the government to engage in a variety of resources trading and lead the construction of the equity exchange market in Guangxi.
            Facing lots of business opportunities that ASEAN brings to Guangxi, the Group starts to explore and develop specialized equity exchange markets actively which can cover all kinds of resources. By directly investing trading-related enterprises or setting up wholly-owned subsidiaries, the Group may provide a variety of trading-related services, such as financing, consulting, planning, auditing, assessing and legal advice, etc.
            At present, the Group which has a sound governance structure, a advanced information network system, a sound internal system and risk control system, a wide range of market channels and a professional talent team has participated in building professional platforms such as Intellectual Property Exchange Center, Forestry Exchange Center, Rural Property Exchange Center, Electric Power Exchange Center and setting up professional companies with asset management, information consulting and technology investment. In addition,the Group has established service outlets among Guangxi and cooperated with equity exchange institutions from other provinces and more than 100 institutional members to establish advanced information sharing mechanism. We believe that the Group can provide high quality, professional and efficient comprehensive service for all parties and participating institutions.